the joy project october 8 ginger unzueta As I talk to mothers, I find that many are struggling to find purpose in their days. Whether they stay home or they work outside of the home. They ache to know there is value in this season.

I spend my days right now at home with the three of you. I cook meals. I do laundry. I pick up and then pick up some more. We spend time together learning. We spend time together playing. I simmer battles and nurture hearts. Truthfully, some days I am tired. I am weary. Some days I feel defeated in guiding your hearts towards love and obedience. I want to know that all of this is building something meaningful.

I am reminded of how beautiful each season of life can be when we look at its purpose through God’s eyes. Jennie Allen, shares these words in her book Restless. “Diapers and floors and food remind us that we are all human, and there is beauty and character formed in the mundane. But the most inconspicuous tasks usually are building big things we can’t see yet.”

If you are in a season that feels mundane, a season where you don’t quite see the bounty, take heart, God is working on something beautiful. I have faith, each of these moments are leading to something great.

It reminds me of baby Sissy learning to swing by herself. It took patience, practice, and determination. Some days she thought she would never master this skill. After much time, she felt the freedom and provisions of her hard work. Slowly, I am also seeing God’s provisions within our home.Though they may seem subtle at times, they are there. Jennie goes on to share the following, " Your view of your life may be small, but nothing about your life is small. Every moment is granted for purposes we can't see. Every breath is issued for eternal things left undone." 

Yes, the mundane, it is building big things.

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