Our youngest child is our most strong willed and our most vocal. I feel like some days we are living in a constant replay of correction. I realize this is part of her own journey as she learns what it means to obey and show respect.  She is finding her own voice and who she is through it all.   

Some days I feel completely frustrated, worn out, and defeated on this motherhood journey.

God isn’t using this time just to mold her; He is using this time to transform both of us.  I lose my temper, I raise my voice, and I act without patience. Through my own feelings of defeat, I am humbly reminded of my never ending need of Him. 

I am reminded of the undeserving grace He gives me as I extend  grace to her. Furthermore, I am reminded of the unconditional love He has for me as my love continues to grow exponentially for her. Each day I am more and more aware of how He makes broken things beautiful. I will never be “mom enough” for any of my children on my own.  Only, through Him, can I be the mother He has created for me to be. 

And through His example, I am challenged to show her that love triumphs all. It triumphs our failures and shortcomings. It triumphs the days we mess up countless times. It triumphs our impatience, pride, and weary hearts. Yes, through His love and mercy we are each redeemed and that...that is enough.