the joy project october 15 ginger unzueta

A few nights ago I was with a small group of ladies discussing the question, “What is one thing that keeps you from being truly authentic with others?”

I thought for a few minutes and then I had my own question. Why do I strive to be authentic with others? Why do I crave authenticity? I really want to know the heart and soul of the people I am around. I prefer meaningful conversations over small talk always. It is so important to me to teach this quality to all of you, especially Big sissy and Baby sissy.

As our group discussed this in depth, I began to realize how many women struggle with being authentic. We often wear masks, as we try to cover hurts or struggles in our lives. Many fear judgment and keep guarded in our relationships. Decisions are sometimes made based on what others think, instead of true desires. I have noticed this struggle even in Big Sissy. I continue to tell her to be the unique person God created her to be.

Each of us struggle with something in life; motherhood, marriage, our family, our past, our health, our weight, our fears. The list goes on. We all have weaknesses that accompany our strengths. But, the more we live authentically, the more it will inspire others to do the same. This kind of living takes courage, but I believe that the more people see us with our flaws, our imperfect, our real; the more beautiful we become.

"We're not here to be perfect. We are here to be real – to let Christ be real in us." –Ann Voskamp