the joy project december 7 I said no to the school work, laundry and house cleaning that needed to be done. I said no to worrying about the mess that would be made. And I said yes to Christmas toes painted all by herself. I said yes to living intentionally with our five year old.

Sometimes, the most powerful way to show love is when we let our normal routine be interrupted and inconvenienced.

I have shared in the past about saying yes more to our children. Taking time to really hear their requests, before automatically saying no. Taking time to let our children feel important. Taking time to see them filled with joy. Taking time; even when it’s not convenient. I never feel my children are an inconvenience; in fact, they are one of life's greatest treasures. Yet, there have been times that I have been quick to say no, not now. I have not stopped. I have not given them all of me. I want to be more intentional in saying yes when I can.

Last week, our pastor talked about how God’s plans for us can seem like an interruption. They can seem inconvenient. They can seem impossible. As I thought of this, I realized there have been too many times that I haven’t interrupted my own schedule, my own plans, and my own life, to show His love to others outside of my home. I haven’t inconvenienced myself to stop and talk, to lend a hand, or to give an ear. I have been quick to judge and slow to forgive. Sadly, there have been too many times in my life that I was "me-centered". I didn't live this way intentionally; I simply let my own world, my own daily responsibilities and desires consume me.

As I look at this picture of freshly painted Christmas toes, I realize deeply that I want to extend this same offering of love to those outside my home. I need to do this. I can’t NOT do this. I think the power of love can be the greatest gift we can give one another; to our children or the shut in living next door, to our best friend or the person that has hurt us. Love is powerful.

How will I let God interrupt me today to show His love and grace? This is the question I want to ask myself daily.This is my challenge.