You had a hard time adjusting when your baby sister was born. You had been the baby of our family for over six years. We had thought for many years you were our last child and we held tight to you as each phase passed. 

And then after many years of praying, many years of dreaming, she joined our family. There were days you told me that you wished it was how it had been before she arrived. Days you told me you wished you were still the baby. 

It seemed instantly that she bonded with Bubby and Sissy...but it took you guys a bit longer. Slowly, you started paying more attention to her. You began to help with her and then as she grew day by day, week by week, you began playing with her. Now, we all hear her yelling La La, La La; searching for you , demanding that you join her outside. Your heart has opened wide for her. You are compassionate and you love her in such a special way. I see it, we all see it daily. 

Some days, I want to scoop you up and tell you that I’m so sorry you aren’t still the baby. But the truth is, if you were still the baby, you would have missed so much.

What God has given you in your sister is far better than being the baby of the family. You have a friend for life. And truth be told, a sister is so much more than just a friend, she is a part of you. You will share more than you can even imagine right now. You will see this all clearly one day. What you know now is only a glimpse of what is to come. 

For now, I’m so grateful to see this beautiful bond growing. I love you both so much.