"Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

This pregnancy is cherished and my heart overflows with thanksgiving, but the past few months have included many days of nausea. Days I have spent hours in bed fighting the sickness and fatigue. Our three children have been amazing as I weather these feelings. They have been patient and self-sufficient during this challenging time. 

Last night, after a long afternoon in bed, we retreated to the backyard to play by the lake to enjoy the last bit of sun. Our three kids made up games and threw the football by the shore. They laughed and squealed and ran wild and free. It wasn't long before they were all soaked in their clothes from head to toe. The night ended as they showered outside in the summer's warm air. 

I am so grateful for this place we call home and the memories we make here. For me, this is what summer nights are all about. A simplistic fun; no time schedule, no set plans, just spontaneity and discovery. This summer, I cherish these nights in a new way. I cherish these simple memories. I cherish the fresh air that brings a newness and an aliveness that we all crave.