the joy project september 8 ginger unzueta I remember when you were just a baby and I was talking with Mita. I was so tired from getting little sleep. She told me to just wait; one day, this little baby would grow up and she would be my best friend. Mita said that you would be such a gift and that we would share so much.

10 years passed quickly; faster than I ever anticipated. There are parts of me that mourn the years of yesterday, but then I realize that I have so much to celebrate today. Mita was right in every way. The baby of mine, that is now a young girl, is indeed my best friend. This summer has been a time of growth, questions,and answers. The conversations we share and the light you bring into my world are more than I could have ever dreamed. You are teaching me how to live in today, not looking back or ahead, but just being in the present.