the joy project july 25 ginger unzueta Over the last year, I have become more deliberate about seeking God’s light in all circumstances. I have seen over and over again that He is waiting to show Himself to us. He is waiting for us to seek Him. The past year was filled with many wonderful memories, but there were also many challenges. There were times I needed to trust, to grow, to become stronger in Him. Last week,while we were in the mountains, I noticed the light was not the same as I see it at home. There were beautiful pockets of light everywhere that you had to search for. I believe this is very similar as we live our days. Some days,the light is so evident we can’t help but bask in it, but other days we have to really look. By seeking His light, we are allowing ourselves to find joy on any given day, no matter what is going on around us. It is in those pockets of light that I relish the most; the beauty that is revealed when we aren't expecting it.