I have to admit I think I enjoy Valentine's Day even more now that we have children.  I love the baking, the crafting and all the child like activities I get to do with the kids.   It is so fun helping them make their Valentines to share with their buddies.   We've been having fun making glitter hearts, ribbon bracelets, and a yummy pink cake.  I even got my embroidery machine back out and made each of the kids a new t shirt for this special day.   But sadly, I think that there is so much hype that goes along with this holiday that  it makes it lose its fun for so many people. I think pressure has been given to husbands and men all over to buy the perfect gift or create the perfect date night.  I would be lying to say I haven't fallen into that category a time or two. But I think after spending so many holidays apart from the one I love the most, I've been able to gain an appreciation for just every day love.   I am so grateful to have so much love in my life and this is a day to celebrate that!  It doesn't take red roses or heart shaped candies to do this...it really doesn't take much at all. 

I wish you all a day simply filled with love.  Happy Valentine's Day.




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