Every year we spend a week at the Gulf with my parents, my siblings, and all of the cousins. The children and adults alike countdown to this memorable week. I love the memories that are made sharing space and unrushed time together for seven days.  There really is something special when you spend days and nights living among one another and having time to just linger. With almost ten grandchildren this year, it was also filled with a bit of chaos, but in a good way. Today, I share with you What a Week at the Gulf Looks Like .  I don't think I could ever accurately share our week together, so I have picked some of my favorites. There really is something magical about the Gulf.

the joy project june 28 ginger unzuetaGIU_9486 blogthe joy project june 29 ginger unzuetaGIU_1237 blogthe joy project july 4 ginger unzuetaGIU_9667 blogGIU_9668 blogGIU_9672 blogGIU_9694 blogGIU_9711 blogGIU_9723 blogGIU_9731 as Smart Object-1GIU_9734 as Smart Object-2the joy project june 30the joy project july 1 ginger unzuetaGIU_9494 as Smart Object-1GIU_9514blogGIU_9560 blogGIU_9569 blogGIU_9622 blogGIU_9630 blogGIU_9635 blogGIU_0111 blogGIU_0166 blogthe joy project july 2 gingerunzuetaGIU_9856 blogGIU_1242 blog

GIU_0001 blogGIU_0006 blogGIU_0011 blog65GIU_0343 blogthe joy project july 3GIU_0443 blogGIU_0624 blogGIU_0681 as Smart Object-1GIU_0690 blogGIU_0836 blogGIU_0848 as Smart Object-1GIU_0886 as Smart Object-1GIU_1147 blogGIU_1339  blogGIU_1391 blogthe joy project july 31 ginger unzuetaGIU_1651blogGIU_1688 blogGIU_1785 blogGIU_1831blogGIU_1847 blogGIU_1925 blogGIU_1932 blogGIU_1946 ablogGIU_2000 blogGIU_1997 as Smart Object-1

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