"better is the end of a thing than its beginning.." ecclesiastes 7:8a

today our family was reunited once again after having daddy deployed with the USMC since august of 2010.   what a joyous day this was for all of us.  this is our 4th deployment as a married couple and the 3rd one in the past 5 years. one thing in common every time, is after you are together again, it feels like no time at all has even passed.  i think the sweet reunion always makes up for the long months of separation somehow.  as i have said before i am so grateful we can serve our country in this way.  i am grateful for the example my husband has given to our children of self sacrifice and giving in a way that some can't even imagine.  and finally i am grateful for all of the blessings God bestows on us during these time we need HIM the most.   we are so grateful to all of our family and friends for the love and support you always give to us.  to say we feel blessed is such an understatement.   

thank you to amy grimme for giving us the most amazing gift of these memories of these sweet moments.   most of these pictures were taken by her (edited by me).  we wanted to make sure we captured these moments as it seems this deployment brought so many changes with our children.  our oldest is now reading fluently, she lost her first tooth, and has become a little lady.   our middle child (our only boy) mastered his bike free of training wheels, learned to write his name, and became a lover of the wii in these past 8.5 months.   and our little baby.  she was barely crawling when daddy left..and is now running all over the place and learning new words every day.   as for mama...well, every deployment teaches me more about life, the strength of our marriage, the pure joy of each day with my children, and my NEED for God always.  

enjoy this small glimpse into our loving reunion...for those of you that have been throught it, you know it is a feeling you want to "bottle and savor forever"....


hugs, ginger