one who amazes me and touches my heart every day.    Our middle child, Mason is sandwiched right in between two sisters.   When my husband and I decided we were ready to have children, I always pictured a house of girls.   I had a brother and two sisters growing up and just saw myself with all daughters.   As we know, our ideas are not always what God has planned for us.   I'll never forget the night when we came home from my 20 week sonogram to find out our 2nd born child would be a boy.  I can now openly admit, I cried in the tub. And YES, now it seems totally crazy..why wasn't I just relishing in the fact I had a healthy child coming....but I just didn't know what I would do with a BOY!    WOW!!! All I can say is God's plans and works are amazing!    I love this little man in ways I can't explain...I love his mischief and his true love for life.   The way I have to work to get his cuddles and kisses, but how I also catch him on a daily basis being so tender kissing his baby sister.   Yes, he is my challenge but he brings me so much laughter and fills my heart with so much love. I couldn't imagine our family in any other way.    It is so true what people tell you. You will LOVE every child you have one more than the other...just different. Each of them bring things to life that are so unique and special.  Thank you Lord for this blessing....for the gift of motherhood!

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