many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. proverbs 19:21

i was riding with my oldest daughter one evening recently to get ice cream when she asked me if we could put some music on through my iphone.   i said sure, and the next thing i knew we were singing and praising the Lord as we drove down the road.   it isn't a secret that our family loves to worship through music and that my children are very familiar with Christian artists and radio. this particular song choice was one i wanted to keep playing over and over again.  and the words continue to play on in my head.  the song is called : steal my show by toby mac.  you can read the lyrics here and also hear a sample from this song. these words speak to my life and i wanted to share them, because perhaps they would speak to yours as well.

If You wanna steal my show I'll sit back and watch You go If You got somethin' to say Go on and take it away Need You to steal my show Can't wait to watch You go, oh, oh So take it away

as i  work in our home as a mother, wife and teacher,  or act as a friend to those i love, or share my photography;  my wish, is for Him to "steal my show".   i want the Lord to use me in the way only He knows and has planned.  i wish to glorify Him in my actions in every area of my life.   and yes, i want God to take me over, to take all parts of me and use them.  as Toby Mac says in his interview about this song:   "no matter what you do or who you are, you have a life.  you can take it and make it yours or give it away and let God do something bigger with it than you ever imagined."

my prayer today is that i will never stop giving my life to God and that i will seek His plans and His glory and not my own.

these pictures are of my youngest daughter doing a little "show" of her own.  in these images,  i can clearly see God and His amazing work  in our home and i am blown away at all He has done for us.