I have really learned as I've gotten older that we have certain friends in life that we share really core values, interests, thoughts, and beliefs. These people are more than just friends we hang out with, laugh with, or share a good time.  Of course, you do all those things too..but these are people that really get you inside and out.  I have also found that I  cherish having a few great close friends vs. hanging out in large groups.   And the reality of the Marine Corps life is , friends come and go....NO , not out of our lives for good, but physically move away.   This summer a couple close families moved and it was so sad to return from our summer vacation knowing they would no longer be here.   Shortly after returning we had a playdate with the B family..and all I can say is the rest is history. I feel like I have known them my entire life.  Holly and I have spent the past three months having weekly meals, laughing about our challenges as single mommies to our crazy kiddos, and having lots of heart to heart talks...I know without a doubt that God gave us this special friendship at just the right time.  Enjoy these sweet pictures of her two beauties playing in the yard one morning while Mama was out for some "quiet" time (aka : hair appt)!