“We want our children’s lives built on meaningful influences. What relationships and activities each family chooses will be unique. That uniqueness is precious. By filling our days with what is important to us, we take charge of our own lives."  Laura Grace Weldon How often do your children ask to do something where your immediate answer is NO?  As parents I am sure we've all experienced this. And to be honest, there are many times we should say NO.   But, I've really been trying to make an effort to say yes more often rather than immediately answering with no. Perhaps at times my no answers were out of my own laziness or inconvenience.  For example,  not wanting to clean play dough off the floor or not wanting to get out my daughter's sewing machine and take the time to work on her sewing skills.  Or maybe I had a lot of laundry to finish and didn't want to stop and join the wii game going on.  I could list many examples of times I said no or maybe later, instead of embracing their desires at that given moment.  We can't always say yes at the time we are asked, but it's worth examining our heart and thinking a bit before we immediately answer with no.

I've found that saying yes really does make such a difference.  Yes encourages them. Yes ignites something beautiful within.  Yes shows our children that we are listening.  Yes can bring happiness.  The yes can be a powerful part of childhood and it is worth saying more often.  When you say yes, you let go of the no, and you embrace that moment of discovery with your child.

This week my three year old asked if she could "paint her toes all by herself."  I have painted her toes many times and she has seen her big sister paint her own toes,  but never have I let her do this by herself.  This afternoon I decided to say yes.  What was the worst thing that could happen?  The nail polish could spill everywhere or she could get nail polish all over her body?  I loved watching her concentrate painting each toe over and over again with a new color.  She was so proud of her toes and she couldn't wait for daddy to get home to show him the rainbow she had created. She did do it all by herself.   And she did spill an entire bottle of pink nail polish, but that was okay.  I am thankful for these moments we shared together and  I am so thankful I said yes.

After sharing my post this morning, my dear friend Carey Pace shared with me a post she wrote on this same topic  last year.  It is filled with beautiful words and images alike. I have been so blessed to meet so many amazing mothers on this journey and Carey is definitely a friend close to my heart. Thank you for sharing Carey and thank you for being who you are.