It was Monday of Spring Break and it was raining, so we decided to head to the bowling alley with some of the cousins and Aunt Katie. What a fun and chaotic time we had together. The bowling alley doesn't have the best lighting and some of these images missed focus, yet, somehow they come together to tell the story so well. One of the things I am trying to embrace more often is imperfection. I want to save the snapshots in addition to the more polished pictures, because this is life right now. reflections 2GIU_8262 blogGIU_8259 blogGIU_8248 blogGIU_8217 blogGIU_8227 blogGIU_8250 blogGIU_8259 blogGIU_8241 blogGIU_8208 blogGIU_8243 blogGIU_8266 blogGIU_8283 blogGIU_8287 blog

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