what a special week this is as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior.   we are quickly wrapping up this project and i will miss my group of girls as the new year begins. some of us will continue on together and some of us will start new groups.  but it has been such a special time getting to know one another in this unique way.   as you may guess this week's theme is Christmas.   the Christmas season always comes fourth with so many traditions.  some we have started and some we have continued on from our own childhood.  it is such a special time of the year i treasure and enjoy so much.  

for me one of the favorite things i love to do is make Christmas cookies. there isn't a year that goes by that we don't do this once or twice or even more times.  my husband and i were blessed to grow up together as friends and i can even remember him being part of this tradition of mine as a child.   he'd show up at our house and join right in the fun.  this week we got the cousins together that live right here on our street.  mimi was even able to help us decorate our yummy treats.  it was such fun to hear the kids squeal with pleasure and delight as they made their creations!!  i tried to capture all of the wonderful expressions!!   i hope yall have a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year!!! 


now head over to the blog of Lynn, of Bugsmom Photogrphy, NJ and see what she has captured this week...

xoxo, ginger