this week our theme for project 52 is: comfort-when you think of this word what first comes to mind? a favorite sweat shirt? your bed? the warmth of a hug? i have to admit, this week's photos aren't what i had in mind at first..but another week flew right on by and i want to stay true to not  missing a week on this project yet.  comfort, what do i think of??   i think of my cozy bed, or a fire, or movie night under a fuzzy blanket, yummy foods...all of these things bring me comfort.  hugs from loved ones, i love yous from my sweet three babies.   there's so much comfort all over my house;  there really is.  but this week i captured my three lovies making banana bread.  there's something comfy about all baking together and what better comfort food than some homemade bread?

now head on over to the blog of Lynn,  Bugsmom Photography, NJ and see where she finds comfort? 

happy friday, ginger