it's week 15 of project 52 with the bloom forum.  and this week's theme is - sleep: where do you sleep? your children sleeping... peaceful moments.  as you can read in my previous blog posts  from this week, it has been spring break week at our house.   we have been having fun each day and enjoying this family time together.   i have even had the joy of taking a couple of naps this week...what a missed treasure they are!!!   this week i also began shooting with my new camera.  i made the switch to full frame and to nikon.  and i LOVE my new camera for all the reasons i thought i would.  one of them is the amazing pictures it can take at a very high ISO in very low light.    

these first two pictures were taken at ISO's 5000 and 3200...i have to say i am so impressed with this camera's ability. the lighting was very dim for these.   these pictures were taken on day 1 of our spring break and you'll see my sweet pea was worn out.  she didn't make it up to bed or even get changed into her jammies before falling asleep. i knew i had to capture this moment.

undefinedundefined this next picture is from one afternoon this week. my four year old has given up naps but defiitely needs them once in a while and this week he has needed one more often than usual.

 now head on over to Amy Ames, Holly Springs, NC blog and see what peaceful moment she captured....