it's week 12 of the bloom forum's project 52.  i have been enjoying this project with 20 other photographers this year. each week we have a new theme. last week we had a fun april fool's day theme.  this week  our theme is : fur-pets, fake fur, etc. it was so refreshing to have a subject this week that did not present such a challenge as the past two weeks.

i knew all along that our 11 year old lab Buster Brown would be the subject for this week's post.   my husband and i got him just a few  months after we got married.  he is such a part of us.   as we have had children--my time (and sadly my patience)....has become shorter with him.   but what is always so amazing to me, is that  he is so loyal and so faithful to each of us.  it doesn't matter how many days he's missed fetching down by the river or going for long runs.   he loves us unconditionaly--even when we don't really deserve it.   although, my time with him has become less, he has gained three new companions who love him with all of their hearts.   each of our children adore Buster and many of our neighborhood pals feel quite similar.    as i watch him getting older and know that his time with us is probably starting to get limited, i try and soak in these days with him, the memories, and the fun he has blessed us with.   i know we will never have another dog quite like mr. brown.  the pictures for this week were from a beautiful morning walk with our furry friend on Sunday.   i hope you enjoy.     undefinedundefinedthe kids know no other life than one filled with their sweet and ever patient companion...undefinedundefined we are so grateful for the years, the days..the moments we have been blessed with this friend!

now, don't forget to head on over to Julie Livermore, WY Photographer's blog and see what fur she has in store for you.   happy friday!