welcome to another week of  project 52 with the bloom forum. i am participating in this year long project with 20 other amazing ladies.   there are also a number of other "blog circles" you can check out over on the blog.  these circles are great sources of inspiration with various topics each week. i love perusing through them.   last week our group did the theme out of focus, which was definitely a challenge.  this week was yet, another hard one for me.  it took me until the final day to decide what i would even do.   i cannot wait to see how the other gals in the group interpret this theme.    this week our them is-- fooled ya':  create an image that may look like one thing but in reality is another. for this theme many things came to mind...one was to photograph this fake little frog my daughter keeps scaring me with, it definitely fools me every time.  i also contemplated over using silk flowers and seeing how they would work. but in the end, this is what i did. 

did i fool you?   there she stands with her wooden ice cream cone!  Head on over to see what Linsey Stuckey, Houston TX Photographer, has decided to fool you with.