"when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I"  -psalm 62:1 my heart becomes so heavy as i think about all of the needs of this world and the people hurting and in pain. my husband recently returned from passion 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia and upon his return we discussed all of the people in human slavery.  it is gut wrenching to hear these awful tragedies.   our church continues to do missions to Guatemala, Brazil and other parts of the world and last summer my husband was able to take part in a mission to Guatemala. the images he shared with me of beautiful little girls searching through a trash dump are still vivid in my head. these delicate souls searching for shoes, food, and comforts we have taken for granted since birth.

i follow photographers whom i admire for their own courage and grace as they have gone abroad to capture those who so desperately need their stories told.  one of those photographers is Deb Schwedhelm and i have been so moved by her work in Tanzania.  she is an amazing photographer and the way she has been able to make a difference inspires me in so many ways.  last week i came across the work of Sarah Robertson who moved me in the images she was able to capture while overseas in Kenya. and another photographer and friend, Breeze of Love Resembles, is currently raising funds for her own trip to Africa and i couldn't be more excited to see her journey in pictures.   i know in my heart that God has given me my gifts to use them for His Glory and purpose and i really believe one day that mission work is a piece of this plan.

some days i get frustrated and even critical of myself because i feel like there is so much to be done and i am doing so little.  but then God gently reminds me that the place i am at is where i am needed today. we still have three young children whom are home with us full time as we home school.  my husband's job keeps him very busy.   i am the constant for my children and am their rock in many ways right now.   there will be a time when their needs will not be as great, but for now i need to remember that i am doing God's work right in my own home.  my husband and i pray that our children will grow up to love others of the world more than themselves and that we can demonstrate servant-hood to them through our own actions daily.  each day servant-hood within my family plays a different role, never one more important than the other.   by loving each other in all we do, we are sharing the love of our Lord.

my husband left on a trip with work a few days ago and my oldest daughter is always very upset when he leaves.  this morning she came up to me and asked me if she could make a recipe "all by herself" from her cupcake book.   this meant that we would need to head to the store and get all the ingredients.  my first reaction was "maybe", thinking she would get busy and forget.  our youngest daughter has been sick and fussy and the last thing i really wanted to do was to take them all to the grocery store again (we'd just been there last night).  but after a few moments, i went and found my daughter and i said yes.  today, serving meant making this happen for her.  she is always such a help to me and though it didn't feel convenient at the time, i knew how much this would mean to her.   servant hood means being present for my children and seeing what is important to them and why.  it was fun to watch her create her tie-dye cupcakes all by herself. she felt independent and special.  but most of all, for a little while her mind was off the pain she felt on a Sunday afternoon not having her daddy home to spend time with.

and let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.  -Galatians 6:9