i was super excited and surprised a few weeks ago to receive the news that i made it to round two of the matilda jane photo love contest.  i have been a lover of the matilda jane clothing line since attending my first trunk show last summer.  i love it because it is fun and unique for my 8 year old daughter;  but not too grown up, like many other lines of clothing offered for tween girls.  and my 3 year old daughter loves it as well.  ( but to be honest, she is just as happy wearing her panties for the day, clothing is always optional with her) for round two of the photo love contest, each contestant was sent an outfit and a word.   when i opened my package and saw my word i couldn't be more delighted.  it was as if they picked the word just for my daughter. she is such a true blessing in our lives and anyone that knows her, knows what a special soul she is.


according to merriam webster's dictionary:

a : free of dissimulation : honest <a sincere interest>  b : free from adulteration : pure <a sincere doctrine><sincere wine>

2    : marked by genuineness : true

i decided that i would forgo using any props and shoot my entry in the style i normally shoot. after all, my word was sincere.   i felt like this not only suited my daughter's personality, but my own style of photography.  here is a peek at the shoot we enjoyed together. it really was fun to get out and have this time just the two of us. 


thank you matilda jane for this special opportunity.