this week i set out to create a memoir for my children of 2012.   i could never have narrowed this down to one blog  post as i went through thousands and thousands of pictures, so i decided to make a movie.  i am so grateful to have these every day moments of my children to cherish for years to come.   as i look back on the year i see we spend a lot of time in our backyard at the lake and a lot of time together.  both of these are amazing blessings for our family. when we decided to home school our children, family time was one of the benefits at the top of the list.   if our children were off at school and preschool we wouldn't have had so many of these memories together as a family and for that i am thankful.  we had 1000's more pictures with cousins, grandparents, friends;  and of course, mom and dad, but in an effort to eliminate some, i chose to pick some of my favorites of just the kids.  many of these are far from technically perfect, but the memory that goes with each one was of far greater importance to me than if it was "perfect".    i could say so much about 2012 but i think the images speak best on their own.   i look forward to seeing God's plan for our family in 2013. much love to you and yours as we look ahead to the new year.

a look back on 2012 from Ginger Unzueta on Vimeo.