dear bubby, for your birthday a few months ago  i shared a letter with you about how you complete me in so many unexpected ways.  having you, our only son, has taught me so much about love.   you have shown me that love doesn't always come easy; it can be messy, hard and challenging.  but wow, what a gift your love is. it can be quiet and tender and so thoughtful as well.

you are all boy in all you do. you are fearless and competitive and you love to be rough and explore the world around you.   i often wonder if somehow you are missing out by being surrounded by girls all the time.  you are the middle child in our family with two sisters and you live on the same street as five of your girl cousins. sometimes,  i get sad as i see all of the girls playing, that you do not have a boy to share your childhood with.  yes, you have friends, but not a brother or a cousin close by in age or proximity.

i have come to realize that you are just fine and you are going to be an amazing man one day because of being the only boy.   you indeed are all boy, yet you have a tender side to you that is beautiful.  you care how other people are feeling and you express empathy for them.   you have learned patience as your sweet girl cousins admire you and always want to be near you.   you have learned to find your own "role" in your sisters' pretend games. God had an awesome plan with blessing our family with you as our only boy.  we all have learned so much through you.

thank you for being who you are. thank you for the laughter you bring into our home and the love you speak, not with words, but through lovely actions.  i am so blessed to have you as my one and only son.

i love you to the moon and back.

te amo, mama

i am blessed to be a part of this circle of amazing artists and friends to write letters to our children each month. up next in our group is amy grace.  she is always able to use her incredibly soulful words and images to capture the beautiful love she shares with her children.