Once again we've had another month of summer fun.  I was thinking about this project a lot this week as I was looking throughout my home. Yes, indeed there are messes daily in my home that tell the stories of  our children, of us together, and of life being lived.  But there are also just "traces" of their presence every where I look.  I realize this as I see towels and bathing suits drying, baby dolls tucked in their bed, rafts and sand toys on the beach, and so much more on any given day.  The life of my children is all around. It really is sad for me to imagine our life any different, though the reality is, it will be one day.  I continue to pray to live every day to its fullest, to live in the present, and thank God for these fleeting moments.   Please make sure to head over to the Kids Were Here Blog to see all the fabulous images.   I love this group of ladies and the love they have for their families.