i must say that i am very grateful for this project.   i realized this morning that another month had flown by and i was still without any pictures of me and any of my kids.  my husband is still overseas (on month 2) and I just haven't been "in the pictures".  but that is the beauty of this project;  it forced me to do it.   honestly, i am not always feeling like being in the picture.  i don't feel i am at my best, most photogenic spot of life right now...but goodness gracious!!!  i need to get over my own insecurities and savor these moments so that my children will have them later in life. don't you agree?! so this morning, i asked our 5 year old son if he'd capture some pictures of me with our baby girl.  next week she will turn 3 and i just can't believe it!  at first i thought i'd get us dressed all pretty and then have him do a few shots.  but then i decided to do it just as we are.   most days, right now, she's running around half naked in her panties for the entire day. in the last two weeks she's potty trained herself and i am very thankful for that.  but really, she loves to be dressed in only her panties, with her hair a mess (hairbow-nowhere to be found), her face a mess from her latest meal and free!  so here we are just the two of us...just as we love to be! ♥

thank you ladies for this project, because these memories are truly a treasure for me!! xoxo

please continue on with our blog circle and see what the lovely Celeste Jones has capture of her family this month...