i know it's only an orange. yes, its just a simple picture of our baby girl, peeling her own orange.  but to me, the mother of this sweet 3 year old, it's a lot more.  it's her saying "i dood it mom".  it's finding the independence that she wants and me giving her the baby steps to try new things.  all the while, i want to take her in my arms and tell her not to ever grow up.  it's harder in ways with her, our third child.  it's harder because i've seen how fast the time goes by with our oldest daughter of 8 and our middle son of 6.  so i try to slow her down, but some days there is no stopping her.  today she sat and peeled her own orange-she didn't want mama's help.  so of course, i picked up my camera and documented it.  don't let these moments that seem so ordinary at the time slip past you.  you don't have to have a fancy camera or be a pro to record your family's milestones.  grab your phone or whatever you have. just capture it.  i can promise you that you'll be so happy you did.