"everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets up back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.  gardening is an instrument of grace" - mary sarton a little over a month ago, i found my old canon rebel 35mm camera.   it had been in a box through many of our military moves after being "replaced" by numerous digital cameras in the last 10 years.  i have admired and watched artists who have recently pursued film and done it with such beauty.  i was intrigued. i was lured by the colors, the depth, and the feel to film. in addition, i loved the idea of minimal processing.  i knew i had to give film a try, yet i was without doubt that there was so much i did not know.  i honestly didn't even know if this old camera of mine still worked. i read an article on let the kids dress themselves and i was encouraged. then,  i got the FIND book for Christmas which is an amazing read that i keep reading over and over.  i began asking a million questions on the bloom forum from some pretty amazing and open ladies. and i began shooting.  i've gone through a lot of film the past month. i've tried different brands. i've tried different processing sources including CVS, walgreens, and Indie Labs.   i've been excited, frustrated, nervous, excited, frustrated and nervous. i circle with emotions, but i haven't given up.

this film journey has been a wonderful reminder of grace and that we all need grace in our lives.   i have to remember i did not become the photographer i am today with my digital camera overnight, and this journey it will take time and patience and more time and patience.  there are things i love about my digital nikon d700 which i just don't think i could ever completely give up, but i am excited to learn more and play in this fun world of film.

the images below are some of my favorites so far. they are shot with fuji 400H and developed at CVS. and i ended up having to have the negatives re-scanned at our local walgreens because for some strange reason all of my pictures originally had lines going across them.   grace & patience...i must remember these words.