this week i bought a breakout session from clickin moms called:  connected l shooting from the heart with anne wick.  honestly, i bought this on a whim after seeing a friend post a link to it on her facebook page. at that moment i headed over to anne's photography facebook page and fell in love with her work.  i became curious about her breakout session. i feel confident in connecting with my subjects, but there was still something i was able to take from her session that resonated with me in a new and wonderful way.  i love that about this art.  fellow artists can truly push us and ignite our creativity in ways we didn't even know we needed.   after only skimming through the pdf, i decided i wanted to try one of the exercises with my oldest daughter.  and in a matter of 15 minutes i was able to capture these pictures.  i am so drawn to the variety of expressions i was able to get and the realness in every one of these images.  and once again, thank you anne.