"every summer has a story" -unknown there is such  beauty in the long summer days and the carefree essence that seems to accompany them.  this summer, my children have been spending most of their free time playing outside with their cousins.  it's something i truly never take for granted.  i love that they are each only a short walk away from our home. i love that having them in my home is very familiar for me and them.  and i love the craziness when they are all together.

i cherish this time of our life--it is unique and something i never want to let go.

i participate in this project with a very special group of ladies. they each were part of my first Everyday Beauty workshop.   i'd love for you to go to the Cherish This Day blog and see all of their amazing work. they have each grown so much in the past two months.  i will be hosting another workshop in July if you are interested in learning more about capturing the Everyday Beauty in your own home.