“Photography is (a means by which we)…learn to see the ordinary.”  David Bailey In March I was blessed to teach my first photography workshop called Everyday Beauty with the Bloom Forum.   I am really excited that I will be teaching it again in July.  I made many wonderful new friends through my class.  I have grown to love their hearts and talent alike.  What a gift it is to watch them grow and challenge themselves daily to document their families.  When the ladies in my class decided that they would form a blog circle to continue their everyday beauty exploration, I was over the moon.  I was even more excited that they wanted me to join them for this project.

Each month we will have a different theme to capture in our home.   The theme for this month is pretend.  I have to be quite honest in that these were pictures I had shot before the theme was given to me. My camera has been in the repair shop for over two weeks, but I didn't want to miss this first month.  I hope to get more creative in future months--I've missed my camera so much.

Be sure to go to our Cherish This Day blog to see the other beautiful pretend images.  I am blown away by their images this month.

And thank you to all of my students. I am so blessed to have you each in my life now.