it wasn't too long ago that i came across this post from a fellow photographer called don't miss it.  i really loved this post by the rancher's wife kate, a wonderful and inspiring woman.    the article was so true.   often as mothers and women in general we focus on the negatives of ourselves and not the beauty of today and who we represent to our families in this moment.  we often grab our camera to capture every moment of our children, not missing any milestone they adventure into....but then there is one person we forget to capture---ourselves.   i can be the first to admit i am so critical of every photo i am in and not always wanting to share the way i look from day to day (work out shorts and a t shirt) with the world...but i have made it my goal this year and from now on to make sure i am in these memories.  our children and grandchildren won't look back and think wow, mom could have really stood to lose a few pounds...or wow, she looks so tired and worn out. no, our children will remember those times together;  hopefully nostalgically and be so glad to see us in them.  so i challenge you also,  to make this the year,  you get in your pictures...whether you hire someone to take family portraits for you or you simply get a tripod and set your timer (or hand your camera to a friend) --you won't regret it... 

since i am with my kids alone most of the time these days, i have vowed to learn to get a good picture using the tripod. i have even ordered a remote to make this easier.   this time my little guy was up for the challenge with me....and i am so glad i did it.  it feels silly sometimes but once you get over that - it can be a lot of fun.

 and if you feel silly setting the tripod up out in public--you can always do it right in your own home. i love this one  and how he decided to plant a kiss on me right in the middle of the picture.  what a fun memory i now have to cherish!