We spent the morning at a local blueberry farm enjoying the blue skies, cool breezes, and sweet berries.  Crown Jewel Farms is a beautiful place to take your whole family to experience picking organic locally grown blueberries.  The kids all had such a fun time and we can't wait to make lots of smoothies, blueberry muffins and other yummy treats.  Head on over to their site to get information about pricing, location, and hours of operation. blueberries 1 giublueberries 2a giublueberries 3 giublueberries 4 giublueberries 5 giublueberries 5b giublueberries 6 giublueberries 7 giublueberries 8 giublueberries 9 giublueberries 10 giublueberries15 giublueberries 11 giublueberries 12giublueberries 13giublueberries 14giu