today my oldest had her dance pictures taken at the studio.   i always love to take my camera into the dance studio and get pictures because the lighting is so ideal.   the recital is only weeks away and my little dancer cannot wait.  she lights up and is having the best time with jazz this year.   we waited to start dance until she was 5 and asking to take it. i was hesitant to start any sooner and wanted to wait until she was pursuing it versus us pushing her into it. i didn't know what to expect with the costumes, make up and various dance moves.  i don't ever want to see our children growing up any faster than they need to.  but as the past two years have progressed i have watched her come alive when dancing.  she loves performing and it is so special to see her doing something that her heart is so into. and here she is all dolled up...still not sure what i think of all of this--i can't help but ask, where did the little girl go?


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