It's week four of my family 52 project and the last week of January. This week I was excited to get pictures of all the kids in their element.  First up is baby C.  Our easygoing little girl that loves to sleep. I caught this cute one of her the other day before she woke up from nap time.  I just love those little toes and that already worn out  blankey that is always by her side.

Next up is our Bubby...or as C is now calling him Bu Bu.  I thought it would be fun to get pictures of him to remember him at 4.  Pictures that would remind us of him at this age with his loves.  

 There still isn't a night he doesn't go to bed without blue blankey, Lucy and Pony.....and if he comes to find Momma in the middle of the night; all the loves come too!

And most every day you'll find this little guy on the floor, just like this, with his cars lined up.

Finally, we have Miss E.   This is truly her element.  She is always crafting something and she comes up with the most creative things.  We are still working on cleaning up after the projects.