as I begin my post for this week i realize that i had a black and white theme going on ....its funny. my whole house is mostly black and white pictures but i love seeing them in color too. something though draws me to the black and white processing and the emotions they can evoke .  whatever the case, here is the three i chose of my three babies this week!  

you will find sweet c at this door most afternoons.  i am usually trying to pull dinner together and big sister and brother are out with the neighborhood kids. she has caught on to this and definitely wants out to be with the fun...undefined oh, how i love these of our little guy...he is always so full of energy and excitement!!   it has been bubble time around our house the past few weeks and it suits me just fine.  nothing beats a warm afternoon, sitting in the lawn, and watching the kids giggle and run!

and last up is miss E.   just a sweet reminder of the place we have called home the past 5 years.  we are moving this summer and will miss our walks down to the river.   what a peaceful place it is to be.   see you next week for my family frame a week!!!  until then--have a great weekend!!