hello sweet boy,

today you turn 6.   i can still remember the moment we found out we would be welcoming a little boy into our world.   to be quite honest--i didn't know what i would do with a boy. i was caught off guard and surprised in all kinds of ways.  i would never have dreamed the way that you would complete my life, like only you can. you have taught me so much about life and living it.  you have taught me that parenting isn't always easy...it can be messy, hard, and challenging, but it is such a gift i never want to take for granted.  you have shown me what it means to live out a crazy love, so full of emotion and presence .  you have displayed a kind of  bravery and zest for life that i envy and desire for myself to take on. you remind me so much of your dad in this way.  i hope you will remain fearless and strong in your choices.  you, our middle child, have shown each of us an extraordinary love.  the way you take care of your baby sister makes me warm every time i see you together. and the way you look up to your big sister is so endearing.  i pray that this adoration for your sisters never ends and that you will always be the best of friends. the lake has really become your happy place.  whether you are spending time fishing, digging for treasures, or just running around in complete bliss.  it is where you find peace and solace.  i love that at six you still want me to lay with you at bed time.  some nights you ask that i don't snuggle you; but then if i give you a few moments, you slowly embrace me. these moments with you are so precious;  i hope i will feel and remember them always.  never forget how much you mean to each of us.  your dad and i  pray that you will walk with the Lord and follow His plan for you in all you do.  you have a special heart and so many gifts to give this world.  happy birthday my sweet son.

i love you to the moon and back