each year we travel a couple of hours to the west coast of florida to enjoy a week with our family at the beach.  this year there were 18 of us ; my three siblings and their spouses, my parents, and 8 grandchildren.  we are blessed to all call the same small street home now, but it is still such a special time, all living together for one week on vacation.   for this month's 10 on 10, I decided to do 10 pictures from our days and nights on the beach.  i will have to come back and share more from our trip very soon. first night in the surf.

we missed this place, a year is much too long.

the whole world is ahead of her.

childhood freedom.

looking for shells.

this is her.

memories that will last a lifetime.

their bond.

beautiful treasures.


i love participating in this project each month with a group of fabulous ladies i now call friends. they all amaze me with the way they see the world around them.  head on over to the blog of Jenna Reich l Life Aglow Photo  and see what i mean.