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The glorious mundane.

"How do you do it all? 
You invite the glorious into the mundane "

I am admittedly pretty late to the podcast craze. Better late, than never. Right? 

Yesterday, I began listening to the Podcast of @christynockels : The Glorious in the Mundane. 

If you've followed me for anytime you know my heart is passionate about finding the beauty in the everyday. It isn't just something I do to stay inspired to create art. No, it is a lifeline for me. A way of living and thriving in this season of life called motherhood. 

You see, finding beauty in the everyday, finding the glorious in the mundane, is about so much more than a beautiful picture or a positive outlook. It's about inviting God into all parts of my life. It's about seeing Him and His grace and love and LIGHT in the ordinary moments; especially in the ordinary moments. Talking to Him and seeking Him at the kitchen sink, in the car, and in all the daily messes of life. 

In some ways, I've felt stuck in the valley the past few months as our baby has emerged into a toddler. As she finds her voice and independence. Through tantrums and fits. Through multiple ear infections and teeth emerging on a constant basis. Through sleepless nights. 

No, none of these things are life threatening. And yes, we have so very much to be grateful for. But it's enough to feel weary and worn. To lose patience and grace. To feel frustrated and need to cry out. 

This quote that Christy shared in her intro podcast was such a timely reminder in the midst of an ordinary day. A day filled with struggles and beauty alike. A great reminder to keep seeking and inviting Him in to every moment. And with that invitation, my eyes and heart transform and suddenly everything takes on new light. 



this season

She never has to worry about being lonely. There is always someone by her side ready to give her attention. With four children ages 12 to 8 months, I cherish these moments so much. All four together. I know how quickly seasons change and it won't always be like this. So, yes there are days with little quiet, days that seem filled to the brim, but I wouldn't trade one second of this time. The highs, the lows, the lessons learned; all come together and make up the beautiful unique story of motherhood. And as mamas, I know we all get it! The days that turn into weeks before we realize it. The babies turned big kids in the blink of our eyes. So, let's keep on encouraging each other. Loving one another through it all, because motherhood, it truly takes a village.