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Life is Messy

There's no way around it; life is messy. 

I believe the more years I live on this Earth, the more accepting and embracing I am of this truth. I slowly want to let go of this "everything is beautiful" image and hold strong to the fact of how beautiful broken truly can be.

It's more than a beauty we see with our eyes and more than a beautiful picture we capture with our camera. It's a beauty that is only felt. A beauty we feel day by day as we live in these spaces of life; learning, failing, growing, and rejoicing in the moments we do see success. It's beauty we find in the mess as we shut the door to the world, crying and wondering if we will ever get it right. It's a beauty we feel as we let our hearts become vulnerable and believe that God loves us right where we are today. 

Months ago I read these words from Matt Chandler and today, I am once again reminded of this truth. “God doesn’t love some future version of you, He loves you now.”

So many of us have lived with these chains for many years. Lies that hold us down, telling us we aren't good enough. We don't do enough. We aren't enough. And no we aren't enough on our own. WE NEVER WILL BE. But with Christ, our messy days, our messy lives, can become something extraordinarily beautiful. With HIS grace and HIS love, we are made new every day. And for this I am grateful. 

I pray each of us can be vulnerable enough, confident enough; to let each other in to our messes. This is where I believe we will all find true beauty in our lives.