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three words

I was in bed the other night, almost asleep, when she came into my room, her voice was full of excitement. She had been in her room reading a book called, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. She asked if she could read something to me.

“What words does God want you to treasure in the deepest part of you? 
“Be good”? “Do it better”? “Try harder”? Are those the words God wrote in the Bible for us, to rescue and free us? 
No. Those words only show us what we can’t do. 
The words God wants us to remember are just three small ones: “I love you!”
They are the words that stop the terrible lie that Satan whispered to Eve in the garden: “God doesn't love you!”They are the words that heal the poison in our hearts that stops us from trusting God. 
They are the words that Jesus came to tell us with his whole life. 
They are words he died to prove. 
What words will you treasure today?”

My eyes almost filled with tears as she and I discussed this beautiful message. My heart was full. I was filled with so much faith and love as I heard her say these words out loud. I want her to believe and live her life in light of these three words. I want to live my own life, holding these three words close to my heart.

He loves us. Something so simple, yet incomprehensible at times. He will show us, always, even when we least expect it.