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rainbow loom

For the past few months, I have found these little, colorful, rubber bands throughout our home.   You have spent hours watching you tube videos, practicing and mastering this "rainbow looming." I love seeing you challenged and so determined to figure it out. This week we read that Sarah Roberston , a fellow photographer, was making a trip to Manilla in February. She is hoping to have 300 of these rainbow bracelets to take with her.   We decided that we would get involved and help this cause. You will be busy the next few weeks creating these special gifts.   What a joy it is to see you be able to do something in this special way for the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in helping to make the goal of 300 bracelets, please contact Sarah at  You can read her story and mission on on her blog.  It really is a beautiful testimony. These words really stuck out to me:  " It occurred to me that as much as I feel called to tell the stories of God's work in the world, I feel called as a mom to help children know those stories and tell them!  I want them to feel their role in that story and see their purpose and calling to maybe one day do something more than send a bracelet. Maybe they will pray.  Maybe they will give money.  Maybe they will give their lives.  And regardless I want them to be warriors."  

My husband has had the opportunity to do mission work in Guatemala the past two summers. It has been such a gift to be able to involve our children in small ways such as donating shoes, making photo books, and just hearing the stories and testimonies. We have also involved our children on local missions during the summer and holiday seasons. I pray that these little steps will prepare their hearts for the future and help them to put the needs of others before themselves.  Thank you Sarah for this opportunity to let our children serve in this fun and creative way.

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