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A Million Little Ways




I share these words from Emily P. Freeman, because I believe that there is at least one person that needs to hear them.

"You were born to make art. But that's not were born to live art. It's time to live as though we believe we have something to offer."

We were born to create. Each of us has this desire deep within our soul. We all create differently. Our mediums vary; yet none is more beautiful than the other. Some create art in the kitchen, while others live their art on the sports field. Some create with a brush or pen, while others use their voice. The ways in which we create are endless. What makes you feel alive?

Somewhere along the way, in this media driven world, people have become paralyzed. So many are frozen; afraid to start or afraid to keep going. Self-doubt has crept in. Comparison has a sick way of killing our joy and we forget that we each have a gift to give this world. Silence the noise and remember these words.

There is a place for every one of us. Nothing or no one is off limits. Find your canvas and go create.

“Don’t wait until tomorrow. Pick yourself today. You already have everything you need. Embrace the art alive within you, and believe in the little ways God wants to release his art into the world through you.”



sinking deep

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Most often, our natural instinct in life is to succeed. As mothers, as artists, in all we do. But it is when we sink, when we fail, that we become most alive. I have been reading a book over the last year that I keep going back to. I keep re-reading the pages whenever I get the time. It is called A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman and it has given me so much to think about as we are all created with gifts to give back to this world."Drop the hands and let the knees be weak. Loosen the grip and let the arms open wide. Bow the head and let the eyes close tight. We cannot do this life. We not parent these children. We cannot lead this company. We cannot change this world. We cannot make this art. 

Not alone. Not on our own. Not without sinking first. In the act of sinking into God, of looking up at him from the depths of our own inadequacy, we begin to know who he is. In turn, we know who we are as well."

As your mother, I pray that you will never forget that you need God in every aspect of your life.  Seek Him, sink into Him--He is waiting with open arms to love you. Do not be afraid to fail. I love the three of you so much and am so grateful to see your hearts already following Jesus.