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11 on 11 | october

"Suddenly, there is inner stillness. And within that stillness there is a subtle but intense joy, there is love, there is peace."-Eckhart Tolle

Last month I started this fun new project called 11 on 11. You can see my first post and read about the project here.  This month I am back..and well, I am breaking the rules a bit.  I do have my 11 images, but the image with "me included"  did not happen this month.  I promise to be back next time with one, but I didn't want to miss out completely this month.

We had a rainy morning one day  this week and my daughter had a wonderful time with her watercolors. She loves to paint more than anything, so I try to let her do this as often as possible.  I love to hear about what she is creating and watch while she works.   This morning was no exception; she was so full of life as she painted her beautiful creations.

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Please follow along to the blog of Fran Barker and see what wonderful images she has to share this month.  Her work is always beautiful.



11 on 11 l september

Today I am taking part in a new project for me called 11 on 11. I have enjoyed getting to know this group of ladies the past couple of months and I am thrilled they invited me to join them in this fun project.   11 on 11 is pretty simple-11 images, posted on the 11th of the month. No specific rules, except one... I need to be in atleast 1 of the images.  I really didn't think I'd be able to start another project this year, let alone this month, but then at the very last minute, I decided to challenge myself . I could not narrow our jam packed morning into 11 frames.  Here is a day in the life of us (well, morning to lunchtime-and as you can see, we get a lot done in a short amount of time).  A morning playing on the lake before school, breakfast (mama finally said yes to pop tarts), school time turned painting time, outside shower and play time and lunch time devotions. And yes, if you look really really closely you will find me in the frame.  Many people often ask what our typical day looks like.  It does vary from day to day but one thing I see constant as I look at these images is the connection my children share. It is something special...I won't ever take for granted.

Today, September 11, as I look at these images, I am especially grateful. So many men and women have sacrificed so much for our country so that we can enjoy these freedoms daily.  Being a military family, we have seen first hand the sacrifices it takes to keep our country free.  I am grateful to God for the life He has blessed us with and thankful to live in a place I can really cherish these every day moments with our children.    Hope you enjoy a look into our little world.


Be sure to follow along our circle and see some amazingly talented and beautiful ladies. First up is Lina Jarmond l Raleigh, NC newborn photographer.